Marvel Teases ‘Weird’ D23 Expo

Marvel Entertainment is getting up something weird this weekend.

The organization released a teaser image right now for the upcoming D23 Expo — which opens this Friday, August 9, and runs via August 11 — telling attendees to “ask for something WEIRD.” The accompanying e-mail added that doing so would result in “your first look at an all-new project coming from Marvel &amp Disney!”

The phrasing of that last part is exciting for Marvel-certain projects — whether or not Marvel Comics, Marvel Studios or even Marvel Tv — the publisher tends to leave off any mention of its parent firm, which may well suggest that whatever WEIRD issue is becoming teased could be far more along the lines of a co-production among Marvel and Walt Disney Studios, or some other Disney-branded sibling.

What that could be remains a mystery, at least currently. There is, of course, speculation to be located online. The Inside the Magic Disney fan weblog suggests that Marvel could be producing a comic based on Museum of The Weird, a Disney concept that in the end turned into the Haunted Mansion, whereas comic web site Newsarama puts forward the theory that an announcement about a Medical doctor Strange project may be forthcoming.

Anticipate an official announcement of the mystery project — amongst, undoubtedly, other massive Disney-connected news — this weekend.